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News & Discussion Forum About Public Relations

Feel free to share questions, advice, comments and opinions

PR Talk
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This is an LJ forum to talk about all things related to public relations - current news events and their PR aspects, best practices and PR trends are also welcomed in this community. Discussions about advice breaking into the business to suggestions on executing campaigns to searches for fresh outlooks and out-of-the-box ideas are also welcomed.

Feel free to bring up any PR-related topic--no matter what specialty or industries it involves.

A few ground rules:

1. No derogatory/inflammatory opinions. Anyone can bash a campaign or ideas. Instead, give constructive criticism and recommend improvements.

2. Excessively long posts or large pictures should be posted behind an LJ cut.

3. Intro posts are welcome, but keep it sweet and simple

4. Remember, this is a open to public viewing LJ community so please post with discretion (i.e. avoid spilling trade secrets, classified info, etc.)

5. Please post in English - it's hard for me (the moderator) to screen posts for relevance otherwise. Additionally, this community is geared for English-speakers.
6. The moderator (mooncancer) reserves the right to delete any inappropriate posts (or request the original poster to modify it) and ban repeat offenders. In both instances, the moderator will post in the community about why such a measure was taken.